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Interesting Music Shoppe

About Jeff Elias

Jeff is a music industry veteran with over 40 years experience. A guitar, bass and mandolin player, he has played in bands, toured as a sound and lighting technician, worked in Toronto area music stores, musical instrument distributors and sound companies. Now Jeff runs Interesting Music Shoppe, and is an avid cross country skier and mountain biker.

About Interesting Music Shoppe

Interesting Music Shoppe is a full line musical instrument dealer, focusing on string instruments, amplification, keyboards and percussion. The inventory is a mix of vintage and new instruments, with plenty of parts and accessories. We tend to focus on non-offshore made instruments, above the entry level.

You will find a selection of Canadian made instruments from Shaw Percussion, as well as Godin’s Quebec factories, and Canadian made amplification from Yorkville sound.

American instruments are represented from Gibson’s Acoustic Montana facility. There is always a good selection of vintage Gibson and Guild guitars, mandolins and banjo’s, as well as campfire beaters in season.

Interesting Music Shoppe